Chopped beef tenderloin tartare, bread 49

Bruschetta with tomatoes, basil and homemade ricotta W 25

Wild boar lard with onion and apple, pickled cucumber, bread 27

Homemade baguette, salted butter, regional oil W 14

Foie gras, brioche, red onion marmalade, black raspberry 89



Homemade broth with noodles 27

Sour rye soup made from court sourdough,

white sausage, bacon, egg, horseradish, bread 29

Soup on day 27


dumplings and pasta

Homemade Russian dumplings, cream, butter W 39

Lasagne, salad mix 39

Homemade dumplings with lamb, black pudding and cucumber 45

Spaghetti with mussels, chili and garlic 49



Chef's salad

salad mix, quinoa, tomato, pumpkin seeds, avocado, pomegranate VEG 39

Additions: feta cheese 8 / chicken breast 15

Salad with chicken liver, roasted apple, patisserie, cranberries 44

Caesar salad with chicken 49


main dish

Lecho with grilled vegetables and breaded potatoes VEG 45

Court pork chops, new potatoes, cucumber salad 52

Pulled pork in BBQ sauce, sourdough focaccia,

lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, pickled onion 39

side dishes: fries 10

Beef burger relish sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber,  red onion, aioli sauce, red cabbage coleslaw 39

additions: yellow cheese 2 / blue cheese 3 / bacon 3 / avocado 4 / fries 10

Lentil, broccoli and pepper burger W

spicy sauce, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, marinated red onion, roasted onion, aioli sauce, red cabbage coleslaw 44

additions: yellow cheese 2 / blue cheese 3 / bacon 3 / avocado 4 / fries 10

Zander, new potatoes, green beans, tomato, red onion 79

Oven-baked trout served with fries and salad mix 65

Wild boar neck stewed in red wine, with mashed new potatoes with chives, young carrots, broccoli and beetroots in marinade 75

Duck leg with dumplings, caramelized beetroots,

peach and red wine and cherry sauce 69

Beef tenderloin steak, gratin ratatouille, celery puree,

new potatoes, bordelaise sauce 129



Meringue with lemon cream and cherries 27

Chocolate fondant with flowing filling, cream ice cream 32

Vanilla cheesecake with white chocolate, raspberry coulis 29

Artisanal ice cream

strawberry, currant-banana, peanut butter  2 scoops 100g 19  / 3 scoops 150g 22

pistachio - additional charge 2 / scoop 50g

strawberry, currant-banana, peanut butter to go in a wafer (50g scoop) 7

pistachio to go in a wafer (50g scoop) 8



Cheese board, apple & onion chutney, bread, grapes 49

A plate of court specialties for 4 people 149




Broth with poured dumpling 21
Tomato cream with poured dumpling 24
Pasta in bolognese sauce 27
Homemade Russian dumplings (5 pcs.) 25
Breaded chicken tenderloin,
fries, carrot and apple salad 29
Breaded hake fillet,
fries, carrot and apple salad 29
Pancakes with jam or cheese (4 pcs.) 24
Pancakes, fruit, chocolate (4 pcs.) 29

When preparing meals for you and serving you, of course, we follow all safety rules.

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