Čokoláda ChocoWine

We invite you to taste the unique chocolate inspired by wine.

Chocolate inspired by wine

Chocolate’s line ChocoWine is a product:
  • hand made,
  • composed only from natural ingredients,
  • with unique production’s process,
  • made based on Belgian chocolate,
  • with its tastes and flavors created in the process of aging,
  • made by fans of good taste: a connoisseur of wine and Polish Master of Confectioners.

ChocoWine, just like wine, should  be examined in terms of aroma, savored and harmony need to be evaluated. ChocoWine is also feast for the eyes, pleasant composition of colors and shapes of additives used.

The process of creating and ChocoWine chocolate itself was shown in an episode of culinary TV series
Kuchenne Rewolucje,

and Mrs. Magda Gessler, a well-known Polish culinary critic, has defined it as "an idea for your exquisite taste."

ChocoWine chocolates are available for sale in the Online shop ChocoWine.pl

Below we present the available flavors