Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA
  • Comfort<br />charming in style
  • Cuisine<br />of tempting flavors
  • Revitalizing<br />SPA

Winter all inclusive package

We invite you to take advantage of  all we have to offer at Kombornia Manor Hotel&SPA****. In this unique place you will experience not only luxurious care but also a harmonious relaxation bringing the perfect mood.


Degustation package in Carpathian Wine Salon

We invite you to visit our Carpathian Wine Salon which is located in wine cellar in the Guest House. You will have the possibility to taste a lot of wines from Carpathian Region. After this special evening we offer you the relaxation time in SPA and Wellness Zone.


Together – Weekend in Kombornia Manor

We invite you to exclusive leisure in the historic mansion, surrounded by a 10-hectare park. It's a magical place, created for people who appreciate luxury, tranquility and privacy. Here you will find everything you need to feel the blissful relaxation and surge of vitality.


Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPADwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA

Kombornia 1, 38-420 Korczyna,
woj. podkarpackie

Tel.: (+48) 13 435 42 89
Fax: (+48) 13 435 42 88
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